Don’t know WHY you are not getting pregnant? Tried everything and nothing has worked so far? Overwhelmed by all the contradictory advice? Sick of putting your life on hold? Stressed out by the lack of real results?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we are here to help you find answers. In my experience what my clients all have in common is that they face a combination of multiple undiagnosed fertility challenges and it is helping people to identify their individual fertility issues and then to make the necessary lifestyle changes, that enables us to help so many couples.

For specific, personal advice the first step I recommend is to take our free natural fertility discovery, a comprehensive questionnaire, followed by feedback session with one of our team of experts. The Fertility Discovery session helps us ascertain if we can help you achieve results like so many of our patient success stories. Provided this information we can help you identify options and implement ways to improve and overcome your specific fertility issues, be they major or minor.

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Natural Fertility Specialists

Leading natural fertility specialist Gabriela Rosa  is the founder and director of Natural Fertility & Health Solutions Pty Ltd – an integrative medicine practice for Naturopathy, Weight Loss and Natural Fertility Sydney. Gabriela has gained international recognition as an expert in her field. She leads a growing team of scientifically grounded, patient-focused naturopaths whose mission is to empower individuals – through supportive health education – to help bring healthy babies into the world.

Our successful natural fertility services and treatment programs are based on Gabriela’s 11 Pillars of Fertility, shown to dramatically increase a couples chances of natural conception, while reducing the likelihood of miscarriage. Our fertility treatment programs have also shown to increase the odds for couples undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF / ICSI) procedures by as much as 47.1%. Fertility programs aren’t just for couples with fertility problems — they are also an essential toolkit for those who simply wish to prepare for the healthiest conception and baby.


Success Stories

  • Dear Gabriela, We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts because we are amazed that we managed to produce such a happy and healthy baby, Natalia has such a beautiful disposition. Little Natalia is the gorgeous baby. It’s amazing what a little effort can do. We are delighted and recommend your program to everyone.
    Paula Costis and Christos Halkidis, Sydney – Australia
  • Our little guy is here - healthy, happy and beautiful. He has given us the most joy we could ever imagine. As a new dad, I could not imagine life without him. Thank you Gabriela, for giving us the best gift anyone could give. We are testament that what you have dedicated your life to works and we couldn’t be happier.
    Emmy & Karlo - Australia
  • I have always had the pleasure of using your services on a number of occasions and have always found you refreshing, vibrant and knowledgeable. I have great confidence in your extensive experience, and you have helped me optimize my health with your mixture of procedures including herbal medicines and EFT. You rock! And I have every faith in recommending you to my family, friends and clients.
    W. Smith, Bondi Junction – Australia
  • It's Positive! it worked...We are over the moon, can't stop grinning and giggling, this is the most wonderful feeling in the world...Thank you for all your wonderful support and encouragement through this journey.
    Sveta Street - Global Citizen
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Natural Fertility | How to Get Pregnant

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