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Have questions about infertility or fertility? We ran a free monthly question and answer sessions to offer people the chance to ask our natural fertility experts questions about personal, specific, infertility and fertility challenges.

After eighteen months it became clear that the majority of  fertility questions asked each month were basically seeking the same type of information – information about ovarian reserve and age, IVF and miscarriages, questions about nutrition, diet and supplements, questions about how lifestyle factors impact fertility or contribute to infertility, plus questions about my favourite fertility topic “undiagnosed infertility”.

In order to provide answers to these frequently asked fertility and infertility questions we are now publishing the questions and answers as a series of blog posts, which we will link to from this page. It’s all part of the education-based fertility service we provide, designed to empower and help you learn how to optimise your fertility through insight about your mind, body and environment.

Catalogue of Answers to Frequently Asked Fertility Questions

Fertility specialist Gabriela Rosa offers practical advice on how to optimise your chances of getting pregnant fast, even if you are over 40 or think you may need to use IVF/ICSI

Although audio and transcripts of the free Q&A are no longer available to purchase from our online store here’s the catalogue of questions asked and answered provided which will link out to each of the posts as they are published. In the meantime if you are after more specific information about your personal fertility journey please take the free fertility discovery questionnaire.


Age “How to stop worrying about age?”
Age “What is too old to conceive?”
Age “Where do I go to get help at age 37 when I feel as though no one is actually helping you?”
Age “Can you share some success stories of women over 40 who have struggled to have a baby, pregnancy over 45 after menopause? What are the chances of getting pregnant at 45?”
Age “Tips for trying to conceive in their 40s and extra needs, supplements, tapping points?”
Age “What is the single most important thing to do to increase my fertility in my mid 40s? I find it overwhelming and stressful to try and do everything perfectly in terms of diet, supplementation, lifestyle, stress reductions, so I’d like to understand what is the most important thing.”
Age “After miscarriage and four failed IVF attempts at age 41, what is the best way to pick up and try again?”
Age “Can you give advice and hope on how to maximize the chances of falling pregnant at 45?”
Age “At 50 years old and childless, is there a chance at all for one method to conceive?”
Exercise “Could you please explain why you recommend women don’t run during the second half of the cycle who’s trying to conceive? Is it based on research?”
Exercise “How much exercise is needed for optimum fertility? What type of exercise is best?”
Exercise “Does fertility yoga actually help apart from being relaxing?”
Factors “I’ll be 40 this year. I have high ANA, both MTHFR genes. My partner has low sperm count.”
Fertility Diet & Nutrition “Hi, you say we should eat a gluten-free diet. What about eating Kamut or Spelt flour. I know it still has gluten, but was told that it’s a different type of gluten. Thank you.”
Fertility Diet & Nutrition “What types of cheese do you recommend?”
Fertility Diet & Nutrition “What is a healthy diet prior to IVF?”
Fertility Diet & Nutrition “Is coconut oil good for hormones and during pregnancy?”
Fertility Diet & Nutrition ‘I’m vegetarian…What is the minimum amount of animal products you would recommend eating? For example, is it enough to be eating two serves of fish per week and no meat? What about seaweeds?”
Fertility Diet & Nutrition “Some articles recommend a detox diet of not eating for a few days or having the odd juice. Is this necessary if you cut out alcohol, caffeine, and nearly all refined sugars?”
Fertility Diet & Nutrition I’ve been trying to get pregnant at age 44 for the last 10 to 11 months…For the past three cycles, I’ve had breakthrough bleeding, brown staining, and dark spots starting on day 23 and lasting until my next period. I’ve never had this problem before in my life. I am concerned that the supplement I am taking is causing an imbalance rather than repair any imbalance. Is breakthrough bleeding a problem? Should I stop taking these supplements?”
Infertility “Will surgical removal of fibroid cause infertility?”
Infertility “Any specific advice for dealing with unexplained infertility?”
Infertility “My partner and I have a healthy 7-year-old together, but have been trying for a second child for 6 years. We have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility after lots of investigations. I’m 34. He’s 32. What are my chances now of ever conceiving?”
IVF “I’m 42 and have done 10 rounds of IVF over the past few weeks. Traditionally, at my age, people would say to give up. What are your thoughts?”
IVF “I have had two failed IUI that resulted in early miscarriage. How can I get the egg, once fertilised to stay put?” “I am 39, 101 kilos. I have had one round of IVF which resulted in a miscarriage in February. I have lost kilos in the last year, do yoga 2 to 3 times a week, see my acupuncturist fortnightly and meditate regularly. My diet is good with the odd treats. What three key things would be ideal for me to implement?”
IVF “Is it helpful to chart your body basal temperature while undergoing IVF?”
IVF “After three IVF failures, what do you do differently to achieve success?”
IVF “I’m 40 years old, suffering from endometriosis and fibroids. I’ve had three failed IVF cycles. I’ve had also recently discovered that I had an autoimmune condition whereby my body is attacking the embryo in trying to implant.”
IVF “Should we stop drinking alcohol before and after an IVF cycle?”
IVF “I am 47 years old. I have had 10 IVF cycles without any normal embryos. I am looking for the top clinic that does natural IVF in the world. What can I do?”
IVF “What can I do to support my uterine lining and implantation? I have had uterine adhesions and surgery last year, but I’m struggling to get a good uterine lining during my IVF FET So that’s frozen embryo transfer. Thank you.”
IVF “I have nine failed cycles of IVF, five fresh and four frozen with blastocysts. What do you think that I should do next? I would appreciate any advice?’
IVF “Forty five. One failed IVF October 2014 due to implantation failure, embryo top quality; have another IVF booked in April. What do you do to improve implantation chance?”
Male Fertility “How would a couple work with male infertility?”
Male Fertility “What do you mean by properly performed or semen analysis properly performed?”
Male Fertility Cycling and the effects on male sperm?”
Male Fertility “How to improve sperm morphology?”
Medical Endometriosis is a condition that is basically considered as an unknown…
Medical “Do you recommend Vitex agnus-castus or chaste tree for luteal phase defect and do you recommend to use it up until ovulation, positive pregnancy test, or during the entire first trimester?”
Medical “What are your thoughts about chemical pregnancy? Why do they occur and what might we be able to do to prevent them?”
Medical “What’s the significance of high sex hormone-binding globulin levels in the blood?”
Medical “Trying to conceive and have discovered that I am compounded heterozygous for MTHFR genetic mutation 1298 and 677. I’m not supposed to take folic acids, but I can’t find metlyenehydrofolate to take instead of folic acid… Is there a natal multi that I can take Pre, Peri and Post natally which actually is healthy for my MTHFR mutation?”
Medical “What treatment do you suggest for natural killer cells?”
Medical “My Oestradiol is high. How can I lower it?”
Medical “I have had a failed second IVF cycle that caused huge ovarian cysts, which I have never had before. Is there anything that I can do to prevent this in future cycles?”
Medical “Are there any other options to help get pregnant if you have PCOS? Can’t seem to drop enough kilos quick enough…Specialists can’t help me with anything else till I dropped down another dress size. So frustrating, no other options have been recommended for suggested. Just told can’t help you too many times now.”
Medical “My AMH levels are very high and I have been told that I have PCOS. I have been seeing a natural therapist here in Melbourne and we have managed to bring it down close to a normal range. We’ve also been working on my very high sex hormone binding globulin level, which are also coming down. How do you see these things affecting my chances of conception? I’m 43.”
Medical “What is it that I need to do in order to conceive naturally if I have PCOS?”
Medical “How to overcome PCOS before pregnancy?”
Mind Matters “How can I overcome the negativity and inferior complex of not getting pregnant?”
Mind Matters “I’ve been exposed to severe stress over the last two and a half years. Now I have a negative attitude towards becoming a father. How would I overcome this situation, as I am a newly married person, just four months’ marriage?”
Mind Matters “3 GPs told me that I would never conceive, at 21 with my laparoscopic endo diagnosis, the doc told me if I wasn’t pregnant by 25 I would have big problems. Now, at 34, and after 3 years of trying it’s hard to get those voices out of my head. How do I stay positive?”
Mind Matters “How do you convert fear into faith and hope?”
Mind Matters Think about what it would be like and what could be like if you could get pregnant and if you were pregnant right now, what are the things that you would absolutely make sure that you’ll give, with that absolute protective instincts that men have so well developed. What would you do to protect your child? What would you do? What are the things that you would absolutely start doing? What are the things that you would absolutely stop doing?
Miscarriage “Twelve years on the pill, 2001 to 2013, and a devastating miscarriage March 2014. My cycle is like 24 to 29 days, and I average 3 days’ spotting before my period arrives each month. Could what’s causing the spotting be affecting our ability to conceive again?”
Miscarriages “Can poor gut function affect fertility and miscarriage as well?”
Miscarriages “I’ve been trying for 15 months so far without success with one miscarriage and yet my husband and I are following all the advice of not having coffee, alcohol, eating organic etc. I’ve tried naturopathy and acupuncture and taking countless supplements, but not sure what to try next. Would you have any suggestions? It is so frustrating that most of my friends have been able to conceive easily, even though they eat a lot of processed foods, sugar etc.”
Miscarriages “I’m trying to conceive for the last four years to no avail. All tests done say okay. Please help me.”
Miscarriages “My husband can’t quit smoking. How can I convince him to stop? I had two miscarriages both in the first trimester. We always wanted to have a baby. Thank you.”
Miscarriages “I’d like to know if there is any type of testing or a way to figure out why a woman has trouble carrying a baby to term. My first born made it to term with bed rest and my last 4 have been extremely premature, 31 weeks, 24 weeks, 24 weeks and just last month 14 weeks. I was told that I don’t really have an incompetent cervix, but cannot figure out what is going wrong”
Ovarian Reserve “I have low egg reserve and I’m a poor responder to stimulating IVF drugs. Can you offer any suggestions on how to improve the chances of a healthy baby?”
Ovarian Reserve “Does Royal Jelly and Maca help with egg quality for women over 40?”
Ovarian Reserve “I have a very good hormone reading after the blood test for egg reserve at 23, but that was a year ago, and I’m now 44. I had been advised to freeze my eggs, but I am not in a relationship. It looks bad, I know. Would you do this when eggs are quite‑”
Ovarian Reserve “How can I increase egg quality? How long does it take for women over 40?
Ovarian Reserve I’ve been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. I fell pregnant on the first try but miscarried at 6 weeks, and I have been trying to fall pregnant for 6 years now. Is it hopeless with diminished ovarian reserve or should I keep trying
Ovarian Reserve one almost 28 years old, the other 48 and wanting to find out about what are the chances to become pregnant at this age. The other lady, Linda, would like to find out how to improve ovarian reserve, and Kimberly what is the age of the oldest woman that you helped conceive
Ovarian Reserve How does inositol, DHEA, and CoQ10 help with egg quality? I’m 45, and a fertility doctor prescribed these. These will be over for the next 2 months.
Ovarian Reserve AMH “Is it possible to conceive naturally, with an AMH, and anti mullerian hormone level of under 10?”
Ovarian Reserve AMH “So is it possible to improve your AMH levels? What does AMH really mean when it comes to egg quality?”
Ovarian Reserve AMH “I’m 28 years old, but my AMH is 0.7. What food is best for me in order to have good quality eggs, and it is possible to get pregnant naturally with those low AMH or with that low MH?”
Ovarian Reserve AMH “My AMH level is 0.5, and I have three follicles on the right, and one on the left. What are my chances of conceiving?”
Ovarian Reserve AMH “I seem to have premature ovarian aging, low AMH and FSH, and my age is 36. Do you think that you could help me at all? My goal will be to increase my egg health and low FSH levels.”
Ovarian Reserve AMH “I was told I have an AMH score of 3 with an FSH score of below 10. Can dietary changes improve my egg reserve?”
Ovulation & Cycles “I’m 40 years old, very healthy, in shape with regular menstruation. I’ve got my hormones tested and have had ultrasounds done of my fallopian tubes. Everything was good. Why, after 2 1/2 years have I not gotten pregnant?”
Ovulation & Cycles “What is the cause of missed periods and the side effect on fertility? I missed my periods for almost 4 months now, and all the tests prove that I’m not pregnant. Please what is the solution because I am getting married in 2 months’ time? Thank you.”
Ovulation & Cycles “What is considered as an irregular cycle? My cycle ranges from 26 to 32 days, sometimes up to 45. How does an irregular period affect your fertility?”
Ovulation & Cycles “What do you suggest for regulating excessive cervical mucus that occurs month long? It does change to indicate ovulation, but there is never a dry day.”
Ovulation & Cycles Are ovulation kits worth using?