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What is Your Fertility Score?

With the right approach, you can take charge and increase your odds of taking home a healthy baby (naturally or via IVF/ICSI). Understanding your current fertility score can help you create your baby dream, sooner.

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Helping couples overcome fertility challengesNATURAL FERTILITY PROGRAMS

Don´t know WHY you are not getting pregnant? Feel like you're running out of time? Tried everything, nothing has worked? Overwhelmed by all the contradictory advice? Stressed out about the lack of results? Tired of putting your life on hold?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we are here to help you find answers. Our mission is to help couples take charge of their fertility journey and deliver peace of mind – one healthier family at a time.

We believe couples deserve to live their best life nowthat no matter what their previous challenges.  This is our driving force. For the patients for whom our proven methodology is a perfect match, we bridge the gap between science and self-care to outperform all other fertility treatments.



Getting Pregnant is a team sport Couple Holding handsNATURAL FERTILITY EDUCATION

The #FertilityChallenge is an education and activity series designed to support and inspire couples who have been struggling to conceive and/or keep a healthy pregnancy to term for over 2 years.

This empowering and free online event is hosted by leading fertility specialist Gabriela Rosa and is designed as an introduction to who we are, what we do and how we achieve success with our fertility treatment programs.

Each year we assist more than 40,000 people through this and other fertility treatment programs, however, we are limited to onboarding only 20 couples per month into the main fertility treatment program.

The free #FertilityChallenge is your chance to learn and begin to apply the 7 step FERTILE Method ® which has transformed the results and lives of so many couples already

Register now to participate in Gabriela Rosa's Fertility Challenge!

Thank You So Much Gabriela_ Natural Fertility Breakthrough Testimonials

Thank you so much Gabriela
Dreams really do come true
FIlled with love _ Natural Fertility Breakthrough Testimonials

four years of trying we finally have our miracle baby _ Natural Fertility Breakthrough Testimonials

Thank You for making our dream come true _ Natural Fertility Breakthrough Testimonials

dream come true_ Natural Fertility Breakthrough Testimonials

I would have given up along the way_ Natural Fertility Breakthrough Testimonials

Our family is complete _ Natural Fertility Breakthrough Testimonials

Thank you for giving me a family of my own_ Natural Fertility Breakthrough Testimonials



get-pregnant-couples-teamworkFERTILITY HEALTH INFORMATION

Here at Natural Fertility Breakthrough, we know that knowledge is empowering which is why our approach to natural fertility is supportive and education-based, to help you learn how to optimise your fertility through insight about your body’s natural fertility. For this purpose, we have a wealth of free resources that you are welcome to use and share.

If you are looking for specific information search the fertility blog, where leading Fertility Specialist, Gabriela Rosa, provides general fertility advice. Subscribe to our mailing list to have information, news and exclusive offers delivered to you.

The Fertility Scorecard can help you focus your search by identifying areas of opportunity for you and we have an extensive library of Frequently Asked Questions where you can find answers to questions about fertility that you may never have otherwise thought to ask. 

"Thank You!"

Dear Gabriela, We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts because we are amazed that we managed to produce such a happy and healthy baby, Natalia has such a beautiful disposition. Little Natalia is the gorgeous baby. It’s amazing what a little effort can do. We are delighted and recommend your program to everyone.

Paula Costis and Christos Halkidis, Sydney - Australia

"It's Positive!"

it worked...We are over the moon, can't stop grinning and giggling, this is the most wonderful feeling in the world...Thank you for all your wonderful support and encouragement through this journey.

Sveta Street, Global Citizen


I decided to work with Gabriela and her fertility program which was absolutely amazing! It was wonderful working with Gabriela because I absolutely love her and not only that she understands the process so perfectly and we work together so well that by the end of the term my pregnancy I saw the difference between my first pregnancy and this one.


My Team And I Are Here To Help

I consulted my first patient when I was an idealistic and impressionable 20 year old, fresh out of my naturopathy degree. For the first 5 years I worked in one of Australia’s pioneer integrative medical centres alongside a team of outstanding holistic and integrative medical doctors. This experience was formative in shaping my approach to patient-care in reproductive health.

I later completed my masters in reproductive medicine and human genetics. I wanted to learn everything I possibly could about how to make a difference for couples (or those seeking solo reproduction support) challenged with infertility and/or recurrent miscarriages. I have never stopped wanting to learn more – and a PhD is next on my TO-Do list.

I have personally overcome infertility twice and as a result, I have a deep understanding and empathy for my patients. My mission is to make a global impact on the way infertility is understood and treated worldwide.

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Our Goal Is To Help Couples Take Charge of Their Fertility Journey and Deliver Peace of Mind – One Family at a Time.

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