How to Get Started

14 Day Fertility Challenge Transform  you results

Register for Members Area

First and foremost there’s a dedicated online members area where you login to watch the daily challenge video. You’ll need this to take part so please register as soon as possible.

Click Here to Register Access to #14DayFertilityChallenge Member Area

Register for Facebook Group

The private Facebook group is where much of the online challenge interaction takes place. It’s the BEST place to search for answers to questions, seek clarification, interact and share your stories to support others on this journey you’ll need this to be in to WIN some fantastic prizes.

It’s a private group, meaning the general public can search for, locate and see member of the group however all posts are private, visible only to #14DayFertilityChallenge participants.

Please note, access to the private Facebook group opens to new members the day prior to each challenge.

Technical Issues Getting Started?



“I did not received the daily email”

  1. First register
  2. Once registered successfully you will see the Thank You Page containing information about the Challenge. You will join our mailing list and be automatically sent an email with the same information as on the Thank You Page here
  3. If you do not seem to receive our emails then it may be a SPAM filter issue. For more information on white listing our emails see



“Can people see my posts from the Private Facebook Group?”

If you choose to comment underneath the video in the Members Area when completing your task BE SURE that the box beneath your comment IS NOT TICKED.

If you tick the box “Also post on Facebook” beneath your your comment, then it will show up on your Facebook wall outside of the private group, meaning anyone with access to your profile will be able to view too.

Provided you leave it UNTICKED it will only show up beneath the video and will remain PRIVATE.

Rest assured, everything and anything you share directly on the Facebook group is private – no one other than the people in this group will be able to see it.


“How do I access the daily videos?”

You will first need to register here for access to the Members Area

Then to access the daily video each day either

  1. Login directly to Members Area
  2. Login via Link to Members Area posted daily on Facebook Private Members Group
  3. Login via link to Members Area emailed daily to your registered email address.


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