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How can I be accepted into your program?

How can I be accepted into your program? I have had a stillbirth and ectopic pregnancy, and so I would love to get your help and assistance.

A: The best way to get our assistance is to apply for our program using the fertility discovery questionnaire. This provides us the information we require to assess your current situation and whether or not we will be able to assist you. We have a very strong track record to maintain and pride ourselves on our results. As such before we agree to work with a couple we must first ascertain whether we can actually be of assistance in your particular situation. The way we do that is the Fertility Discovery Questionnaire.

Over the last decade and a half I have had the privilege of helping thousands of couples from all over the world to overcome infertility and create healthy babies and happy families. We offer a proven, comprehensive methodology underpinned by thorough diagnosis and a holistic and integrative treatment process. A process that blends the best of natural and modern medicine, shown by international research to help 78.4% of previously infertile couples conceive.

My team specialize in working with couples that have struggled trying to conceive for over 2 years and/or; experienced multiple miscarriage and/or; have 3 or more fertility abnormalities. In my professional opinion and experience it is nearly always a combination of “minor” factors that impact on a couples ability to get pregnant. Factors that we can help people identify, manage and overcome…



Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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