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Supplements after cutting out dairy and gluten

Just wondering if anyone decided to add in any supplements after cutting out dairy and gluten such as calcium? If not, what foods are you making sure you eat to replace things you would otherwise get from dairy?

Also just curious how everyone is doing with all the changes? Are things becoming habit yet?  I have found that the more improvements I make the more improvements I want to make. And I actually crave the lemon drink, daily smoothie, and salads now!!



  • Regarding calcium and other minerals associated with dairy products, many or all can be found in other sources like dark leafy greens and other good-for-you foods…
  • I went gluten free & dairy free two years ago and it just gets easier as you get used to it for me. Good luck xx
  • Lisa, as you can get most of your requirements through diet-have a search in the group because in the last couple of days someone has uploaded a photo of the page in Gabriela’s book that lists foods you should eat. Supplements whether for diet or fertility should never be self prescribed

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