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Addressing Premature Ovarian Aging and Low AMH and FSH Levels

I seem to have premature ovarian aging, low AMH and FSH, and my age is 36. My goal will be to increase my egg health and low FSH levels.superstar receptionist wanted!

A: Yes we can help. We have helped many women in your situation in the past. The main thing about what’s going on to you is actually looking at not just those two hormones, the FSH and LH, but actually having to look at your full gamut of hormones and actually everything that’s going on to you.

Actual follicle count is also a really good thing to have a look at by ultrasound to understand what’s actually going on there. We’ve had women with AMHs of below 1 and with husbands with a sperm count of 5 million ( normally you need at least 20 million to conceive naturally) have healthy babies.

At the end of the day, there are things that you can do and there are things that can be put in place in order to optimize your health or your fertility. Anyone who may be wondering whether we can be of assistance and whether we can help you, we actually offer a complimentary Fertility Discovery Session, where we ask you to complete a questionnaire that provides us information about your history and where you’re at. We then screen those questionnaires to understand whether we can be of assistance.

If we feel that we can be of assistance in your case, then we let you know and we contact you in order to have a discussion either with me or one of my clinicians, We often get 200 plus inquiries a month, and we go to every single one of those entries, every single one of those applications, to find the couples we absolutely believe that we can help. In theory and in practice, we have definitely helped couples in very similar situations to what you have described.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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