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Advice On Sperm Friendly Lubricants

Q: What are some sperm friendly lubricants?

A: There are some safe lubricants in the market that basically claim to be sperm friendly. You need those. Not all of them are natural. In fact, I have really struggled to find anything that is natural that is also safe for sperm.

Many have parabens and phthalates, which are not necessarily safe for sperm, albeit they don’t seem to kill the sperm directly. Conceive Well is one that I think is okay.

In order to best control/ manage/protect your fertility what you need to do in all cases where you have question about products is to actually contact the company and say, “I’m looking to your product. Can you tell me specifically what are the ingredients?” this is the best way to guarantee you are making fully informed choices.

My number one favourite and natural lubricant alternative – this is going to sound completely weird – but my favourite natural lubricant for attempting natural conception is actually raw egg white. I know, right? It’s the funniest thing ever, but it’s been working for like years and years, so go ahead… Use an egg.

Crack the egg. Seperate the egg white and use that because it pretty much resembles fertile mucus, so that’s really going to be the best thing. It can be a little bit messy, but it can be a little bit fun, too.

Obviously you don’t want to use the egg white for anything else after you use it for lubrication haha but you can use the yolk for another purpose later; not at all an issue.

Make sure that the egg that you’re using is organic and if you have an egg allergy, don’t use it. That’s when you would basically go and use something else.

Q: Is lubricant good for conception? Some people say Conceive or Pre-Seed, although I am using Pre-Seed at the moment, which says it doesn’t kill sperm rather allow it to flow more easily.”

A: Unfortunately, Pre-Seed has parabens and we definitely don’t want to be having anything to do with it even though yes it does make the sperm flow. It also kills the sperm because it’s toxic to the sperm. It’s a bit of a weird thing how they do something like that.

Q: Can saliva kill sperm?

A: Yes, it can.

When it comes to sex and getting pregnant, your window of opportunity is relatively small and seemingly harmless additives like saliva and or the wrong types of lubricants can really knock back your chances of success.

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