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What days do you advise your patients to be intimate?

What days do you advise your patients to be intimate?

A: Reality is that each cycle and each woman will be different. For me personally I have PCOS and I know that when I was trying to conceive, my ovulation both times that I got pregnant with my sons happened at day 30 or day 31. So if I was trying on day 9, 11, 13, 15, anytime before day 30 I would have been infertile for a very long time.

The very best thing for you to do is actually learn your cycle. The best way for you to learn your cycle is to take your basal body temperatures and to start charting your temperatures.

If you’re doing that, that’s going to help dramatically decrease the guesswork that you need to do. Get very clear on your cycles. FertilityFriend.com is probably the app that I would recommend because it’s and they provide some really great education on how to understand your cycles.


Make sure that you get a digital thermometer, put it under your tongue, wait it until it beeps, then you basically record it on your little app or on a piece of paper and then you transcribe it to the computer whatever it is that you decide, and that will really give you a great indication of what’s happening in regards to your particular cycle.
If you chart your cycles, you will know exactly when it is that you need to attempt conception and that really is going to be the best way.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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