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AMH Levels Very High & I have PCOS

My AMH levels very high and I have been told that I have PCOS. I have been seeing a natural therapist here in Melbourne and we have managed to bring it down close to a normal range. We’ve also been working on my very high sex hormone binding globulin level, which are also coming down. I also have issue with my reverse T3. How do you see these things affecting my chances of conception? I’m 43.

A: Look, the reality is that those things will affect chances of conception, particularly if they go unaddressed. The fact that you’re addressing them is really important and that’s great. In many cases it will be sufficient in order to be able to help you get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy to term.

I wouldn’t necessarily worry too much about your AMH levels being high, what I would do is I would actually focus on addressing the polycystic ovary syndrome and ensuring that insulin resistance and all of those other factors that affect PCOS aren’t at play and also ensuring that your thyroid function is as good as possible.

In some cases, particularly at your age, thyroxine is generally the quickest and easiest way to achieve that, in order to best possible outcome.

So I would actually use a combination of natural as well as orthodox type medicines and I would take an approach of being quite diligent and quite fast in what it is that we’re doing in order to make sure that you are having enough time to get the outcome that you’re looking for, which is a healthy baby.

At 43, given what you’re telling me there are still certainly chances but we need to have a look at all of those other things that are important. We need to look at hormones, your Inhibin B, your FSH or LH. You also need to have a look at your AFC, your antral follicle count, those things are going to give you a much better indication of what actually is going on for you and I would highly recommend.

If you are reading this, you may have also experienced the disappointment of  not getting pregnant. Thing is, that in order to implement the best solution you first need to know the problem your trying to solve, right?

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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