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A Balanced and Nutritious Diet for Optimizing Fertility

Thai Chicken Meatballs part of a nutritious dietSome articles recommend a detox diet of not eating for a few days or having the odd juice. Is this necessary if you cut out alcohol, caffeine, and nearly all refined sugars?

A: It’s an interesting question. Certainly in the preconception preparation period, which is the first stage of our treatment process, particularly the first month, we are doing heavy detox. I never recommend not eating during those detoxes because you want to make sure your body has the nutrients that it needs as far as building blocks are concerned.

I would definitely recommend looking at a very balanced diet, a very nutritious diet, but certainly not just a juice diet when it comes to optimizing your fertility. I always recommend cutting out alcohol, cutting out caffeine, and of course refined sugars, but I would make sure that your diet is incredibly balanced and optimal as far as fertility is concerned.

We have meal plans that people can subscribe for that are super cheap for what you get. You get the meal plans, the recipes, the shopping list, everything done for you as far as the fertility diet is concerned.

Also in the free resources, there’s meal plan examples and templates. We’ve got a few different eBooks that you can access to as far as food is concerned and the fertility diet is concerned, so again I highly recommend having a look at all those things as resources for helping to answer that answer as to what to eat and how to eat in order to optimize your fertility. For a chance to win a years subscription to our Fertility Food Revolution Meal Plans join the #FertilityChallenge.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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