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I live in the US. How will I possibly be able to participate?

I live in the US. How will I possibly be able to participate on the treatment level being in the opposite side of the world?

How will we manage to do a telecon consultation with the time difference? What about testing and doctors and such?

A: Our program is available for patients all over the world. How we go about doing testing is really simple. I go through all of that with you if we end up having a conversation on day 13.

Just know the vast majority of our patients are in the US, UK, Australia. We have people in Brazil. We have people in Singapore. We have people in Italy. We have people in Africa. We have got lots of people in Hong Kong. From all over the world really, so you’ll be fine.

I promise you that we’re different from any other practice out there. You can’t just kind of say, “I want to do your program.” And I’ll say, “Okay, great! Pay me the money and we’ll get started.”

No, we go through a process of fully assessing your situation before you commit to the program in order to understand whether our process will actually be a good fit for your situation. If it is a good fit for your situation, then I will let you know that and we will go through and we will assess further to figure things out.

If it’s not, I’ll do may absolute very best to very politely and kindly let you know and point you in the right direction as to what would be better for you. Please don’t you worry about details. If it’s the right fit and you really want to do it and we have a spot, I’ll be more than happy to explain all that you need to know about how it all works.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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