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What is the best way to track ovulation?

What is the best way to track ovulation?

A: The best way to track ovulation, look there are many ways but old school in this kind of case is probably the best: understanding your cycle and tracking with basal body temperature is probably my number one favourite.

Tracking your BBT gives us a lot of information specifically about your hormonal profile throughout the month, not just what’s happening with the luteal phase but a whole picture of what’s going on.

Tracking you cycle can provide a wealth of information, unfortunately it is something of a lost art these days in terms of the ability to interpret the charts and figure out what needs to be done as a result of them.

We can pick up thyroid dysfunction, progesterone or estrogen imbalance, so many different things can be picked up if you know exactly what you’re looking for and what you’re looking at from those charts, so I do love them from that perspective.

I would absolutely recommend tracking basal body temperature, this is what we tell our patients to do. We ask them to track using fertilityfriend.com. Fertility Friend is great because it’s so easy. You can have an app on your phone. You can just take your temperature in the morning, then put your temperature on your phone straight away. It doesn’t get lost. It’s just there, exactly what we need. Fertility Friend would be my recommendation to track ovulation.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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