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Can sperm be incompatible with the egg?

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Q: Can sperm be incompatible with the egg?

A: Absolutely yes, it can be. Female sperm antibodies, an incompatibility with the egg for whatever reason, reduces the sperms exposure to the egg.

A: In terms of incompatibility it’s generally not the egg that is going to be affected. It is  generally the cervical mucus. Even though the egg can have antibodies to your sperm, it is usually female mucus that will kill the sperm . The result of this hostility is that the is sperm never is able to get to the egg.

The best way to prevent that is by wearing condoms anytime you have sex other than the times that you’re actually trying to conceive. This will reduce the female immunological response to the sperm, if there is one there.

Of course, if you’re trying to have a baby, timing conception and intercourse are also going to be vital. Believe it or not, some of the patients that I see, come to me saying that they can’t conceive and wondering why. Yet, when I discuss with them how often they’re having sex, the answer is once every 2 months!

When you’re serious about getting pregnant, even once month is not going be frequent enough. It’s really important that sex and intercourse frequency is increased, at the right time –  when you’re trying to conceive.

Timing for Fertility is one of the tools I teach each and every single one of my patients, because this is the one skill that gives you most control over your fertility and conception attempts by teaching you how to know your most fertile time of cycle.

The Understanding Your Conception Cycle, three week program, is available to couples all over the world as a fully personalized, online program, personally delivered by fertility specialist Gabriela Rosa.  The mode of delivery includes workshop style webinar, transcript and Facebook Live sessions in a dedicated group, where you will have direct access to Gabriela to address your questions and get the answers you need to better understand your conception cycle and window of fertility.

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