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Is Coconut Oil Good for Hormones & During Pregnancy?

Q: Is coconut oil good for hormones and during pregnancy?

A: The answer is absolutely yes. Coconut oil is a saturated type of fat that the body can actually use for good.

There are different types of saturated fats. The best cooking fats are definitely vasa ghee, which is clarified vasa, or coconut oil because they don’t become trans like your other vegetable oils that get heated and become quite toxic. Those are the best things to actually use for cooking, ghee and coconut.

Coconut is a super food  so to ensure the health benefits when using the oil or butter, as it is sometimes labelled, be sure to buy the raw, unrefined, organic version.

As a functional food is classified as one which provides health benefits over and beyond its basic nutrients — including immune function, cardiovascular health and for use as a general beauty oil for your skin and hair.

Medium chain fatty acids in the form of lauric acid (comprises approximately 50% of the fatty acids in coconut fat) and are a predominant element of this super food. In the body, lauric acid can be transformed into a substance called monolaurin.

This component has been shown to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-protozoal activities. In humans and animals, monolaurin has been shown to be able to destroy lipid (fat) coated viruses such as HIV, herpes, cytomegalovirus and influenza as well as various pathogenic bacteria including listeria monocytogenes, heliobacter pylori and protozoa such as giardia lamblia.

Finally, the medium chain fatty acids found in coconuthave also been shown to enhance immunity against micro-organisms which promote infertility causing infections. Coconut oil is  fantastic as an antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-Candida, and yes very healthy during pregnancy as well. Of course, it tastes delicious. Go ahead and enjoy it!

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