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How Do You Convert Fear Into Faith and Hope?

Fertility-Challenge_Find-Your-StrengthHow do you convert fear into faith and hope?

A: I think that is such a beautiful question because what happens on the journey – of infertility or fertility challenges –  sometimes we get so focused and so caught up on the lack and the fear and the difficulty of the situation itself, so caught up with not having the results or the outcome that we are looking for, that we stress so much and end up reducing the chances of getting pregnant.

If we change our perception, if we change our thought, if we change the way or the place where we’re focusing to be a place of hope to begin with, we ask ourselves how can I experience even more hope, happiness, joy and faith around this issue in my life right now. What do I need to direct myself, my attention, my focus, and my mind to, so that I can experience more of this feeling as opposed to being caught up in the fear of what if it never happens.

This is one way to convert fear into faith.

One of the things that I teach my patients is the fact that – the best way to  give yourself the best possible chance of having a baby is to let go of the need for a particular outcome. The day that you actually release yourself from that intrinsic and obsessive need to have a baby “or else everything in my life is going to be terrible”, that is the day you will permanently boost your chances of creating that healthy baby that you so desire. That’s how you convert fear into faith and hope and love and all the things that you want to experience in your life right now.

Look at all the things that you can be grateful for. Look at all the things that make a difference in your life right now. Look at the things that you could be happy about and could be absolutely also fulfilled about if you really want it to be. Ask yourself questions that are going to lead you to focus even more on those factors as opposed to the things that you can ‘t control and that you don’t have, and you don’t want to be in your life. 

Those are the things that at the end of the day, when you look back onto your life, you’re going to be able to say to yourself, “You know what, I’m really glad that I actually focused on this as opposed to what is missing and what’s lacking and what’s not enough in my life.” Because that is what’s going to help you convert all of that fear into the faith and hope that you really want into living your best life now.

I always talk about that to my patients, and in fact, part of the F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method®, the L in fertile is all about liberating. Liberating ourselves from our own preconceived notions but also how we believe that things must be in order for us to be happy, the rules that we make for ourselves that unless this happens, or unless this changes then I’m not going to be happy. For sure, that’s a choice that you have, but is it the best way of living your best life now? You’re always going to have to wait until X and Y and Z happen in order to be happy in your life.

Life is way too short and way too good to continuously live in that way. In fact, if any of what I’m saying resonates with you whatsoever or if you would like to find out very specific reasons or specific things that you can do in order to change that kind of mental mindset around infertility, then I recommend that you join the free #FertilityChallenge. There is a day on the fertility challenge that I teach you techniques that you can do to change the way that you feel and also how you can apply that to many other areas in your life to kind of dig deep and rediscover what you really want your life to stand for and living your very best version of that right now.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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