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Can You Cure PCOS?

Q: Can you cure PCOS or is it just manageable? Is there anything specific that you know about in regards to PCOS and recurrent pregnancy loss?

A: My answer as to whether you can cure PCOS depends on what perspective of “cure” you expect. I have PCOS. In fact, do I? I don’t know because I haven’t tested myself for such a long time. My periods are certainly irregular which is just one of the category reasons as to why one can be diagnosed with PCOS.

There are three categories to being diagnosed with PCOS and there’s a criteria list that is like 50 things long. You could almost say that anybody could have PCOS, because it doesn’t mean that you have follicles in your ovaries or as they’re called cysts. PCOS doesn’t mean that you have hirsutism, which is the hairy face or whatever. I’ve had hairy face. I’ve had pimples at the point I was diagnosed with PCOS.

Reality is that there is a lot that you could do to completely reverse the negative impact of PCOS including the irregular fertility cycle and irregular ovulation.

Women with PCOS generally will not have a perfect 28-day cycle. Some do, the majority will not. However, they will have a pattern to their irregularity, and that’s really what it comes down to at the end of the day. It’s about figuring out what is your pattern like I did.

I’ve never actually had to be on medication because I’ve always managed things naturally. It’s hard to say because with endometriosis for example, once you have endometriosis, yes you can have it cut out, but you’ll still possibly always going to have endometriosis.

With PCOS,  even though technically the literature tells us that yes, it’s only manageable and not reversible, you can actually live with PCOS without having any of the negative impacts of PCOS in your life whatsoever, like my blood sugar regulation is perfect. My weight is fine. All of those things are okay.

It’s not like you can’t have a proper full life as a result of having PCOS. I imagine if that’s kind of your question, can you reverse the symptoms and not be bothered by them? From my personal perspective and certainly from what I’ve seen for many of my patients, I believe yes you can be symptom-free, which may be the only cure you need.


What is the cause for PCOS?

A: It would be great if we knew the cause. PCOS is difficult. It’s difficult from the perspective of why it happens. Nobody really knows. That’s the truth. Science still hasn’t caught up with the fact that it happens, let alone with why it happens. Definitely, hormonal imbalances are a symptom of it.

Q: Can PCOS be fixed by nutrition?

A: Nutrition is absolutely one of the things that will fix or that will manage or maintain PCOS in a way that is going to enable you to keep a healthy pregnancy to term, so the answer is absolutely yes.

Q: “I have PCOS and I have tried Clomid, Femara… and nothing seems to work. I can go several months regularly and then I’m off again. It’s just really frustrating and disheartening.”

A: Frustrating, absolutely. The reason for that generally is because there are other factors that are getting in the way. I have been able to regulate my cycle and have had much success with many, many people with PCOS doing exactly that, just using natural methods.

I’m not saying it’s for everybody. Some people actually need the Clomid for life, and the Femara and all of that, all of the FSH drug. However, it doesn’t actually have to be that way. Especially when the drugs aren’t working.

You need to figure out what else is actually getting in the way here because that’s often when there are other factors that need to be addressed, that need to be looked at in order for you to optimize your chances particularly when we’re talking about polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Q: Well today I was told that I’ve got PCOS. For the longest time now they have been telling me that I’m going threw early menopause. I’ve just done my 2nd try at IVF and it didn’t work. I just want answers. If it is PCOS that’s a lot better than menopause. Does any one know if the symptoms are the same?

A: Kinda similar- it’s hormonal. I have it too. The program will help.

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