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What Day of Your Cycle Should You Stop Trying to Conceive?

Q: What Day of Your Cycle Should You Stop Trying to Conceive?

A: I think it usually a good idea to be bd-ing every 2-3 days in general..and then every day while displaying fertile egg white cervical mucus.

You can probably take a break 2-3 days after ovulation has been confirmed. Temping is the best way to monitor ovulation.

Q: Pls are we suppose to bd a week after ovulation

Q: I sound silly asking this question but what’s bd.

A:  BD is baby-dancing.. haha! A strange term I know 🙂

A: Thank you although I now know what bd stands for I still have no idea what the baby dance is or how it’s done. I am so behind in some things ??

A: ..to have sex.. hahahahaha!!

A: OMG! I think I live in a cave Hahahaha thank you. I’m embarrassed

A: Hahahahaha!! Way too funny..lol.. Don’t be embarrassed.. It is a very strange term to use.. I just see it
everywhere on pregnancy forums etc.. 😉

A: Thank you

Q: I ovulate on my 17th day so I don’t think it’s what day of your cycle but how many days before and after you ovulate.

A: Two days after your ovulation is usually last possible day. You Ovulate anywhere from 12-36 hour after you got a positive ovulation kit but the sperm needs to already be there at the time.

A: I think Gabriela said every 2 days starting from day 8 through day 17 if you have a normal cycle

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