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Diabetes’ Effects on Male Fertility and Body Weight


“Is sperm going to be affected in a diabetic person? What are the problems in regards to diabetes and male fertility?”

Generally speaking for male diabetics, semen volume is generally lower than their non diabetic counterparts. Also DNA fragmentation and overall sperm quality is impacted, particularly in men with blood sugar dysfunction where blood sugar levels are really erratic.

The other concern often related with diabetes is obesity. If your husband or partner is not obese and has diabetes, he’s going to be better off than if he is obese and has diabetes because obesity has also been linked to a decrease in pregnancy rate, so this is obesity in men. In women of course, it also an impact and it also is a problem, but in men in particular, this is going to be problematic.

Obesity is going to

  • decrease pregnancy rate
  • decrease sperm concentration within the semen
  • increases the risk of pregnancy loss or miscarriage

In case you just read that and thought I was referring to only women, let me be very clear.

Diabetes in men, affects sperm, decreases a couples ability to get pregnant and the ability to keep a healthy pregnancy to term is impacted by diabetes related, male fertility factors.

Balancing and ensuring that we are dealing with balanced blood sugar levels in diabetes is extremely important. Exercise, a healthy diet, obviously blood sugar control in whatever way that’s necessary is going to be extremely important and vital if you are to improve sperm health and of course the ability to conceive and move things forward from there.

For more information on this topic read Effectively Managing Diabetes to Boost Health and Fertility

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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