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Overweight & Diagnosed with PCOS

I have always been overweight and diagnosed with PCOS. I went to the fertility clinic about 4 years ago, they had a hard time locating my ovaries.

A few years ago, an ultrasound technician told me my ovaries are half the size of the average adult. I can’t seem to get answers as to why. I did have ovary-drilling surgery 16 years ago. Could this be the result of the surgery?

No one seems to have the answers I need and my doctors also refuse to send me to a gynaecologist. Time is running out for us and if pregnancy is going to happen, it has to happen now. I am 36. Any information would be greatly appreciated and if anyone else is dealing with this, I would like to chat. I just feel so alone in this situation and trying to stay positive.

A: There’s a few things that I would recommend that you do.

(1) First, change doctors. Really, I mean that. If your doctor is not your advocate and supporting you and helping you through the process, find a new doctor.

(2) Second thing, you need to do your part. As I always talk about, doing your part enables everything else to happen. What you need to do is you need to lose weight. You need to exercise. You need to do all of the things that I talked about in the #FertilityChallenge because without that as the basic foundation for everything else that needs to happen, you may miss out.

You may run out of time and again I would hate for that to happen for you, given that you can actually take control and do something about it. If you do those things, already you are optimising your chances.

Ovarian drilling can cause the ovaries to shrink in size, absolutely. The other part of the reason as to why this would happen can be perimenopause. I hate to say it but the only way that you’re going to find out is by doing blood tests on day 2 of your cycle.

If your FSH levels are highly elevated, say above 20, you could potentially be perimenopausal. If your estrogen levels are under 100, then definitely you could be perimenopausal.

Do your part. Remove all the chemicals. Remove all the toxins. Eat well. Exercise. Do all of the things that you can do because by doing that, you are really going to optimize your chances of not only a conception occurring but giving yourself the best possible chance of and taking home a healthy beautiful baby.

Within the Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program, we have The Leaner More Fertile You program, which couples in the cases of PCOS, being overweight, needing to normalize insulin levels or glucose levels find it fantastic. It’s for men and women and it’s part of the main program, so that might be something to consider.

In the meantime, do everything else that you can. Watch your portions. Watch your calorie intake. Exercise. Burn more than you consume. If you’re exercising every single day, doing an hour of exercise or at least half an hour, do it no matter what, and you will be amazed and surprised at how well your body will respond.

The other thing that I recommend because personally this works for me like nothing else did was actually quitting sugar. It really kick-started my cycles. It made me ovulate regularly again. It made me menstruate regularly, and it made all of the difference when it came to being able to conceive and have healthy babies. I truly believe that that was the one thing that made all of the difference.

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