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Drinking Alcohol Before and After an IVF Cycle

“Should we stop drinking alcohol before and after an IVF cycle?”

Alcohol being what it is, which is basically a teratogen, which is a substance that increases malformation in an embryo and basically of any kind, animal or human is certainly not going to be good. It’s the same as saying is it okay to have a little bit of rat poison just before my IVF cycle because rat poison and alcohol are both teratogens.

I imagine that if you’re going through IVF it’s because you’re really very, very keen to have a baby, the last thing you want to be doing is anything that will negatively impact the ability to achieve that result and that outcome.

Alcohol, smoking, or any of those types of activities are going to be decrease your chances. Mind you whether they’re done by the female or the male is also going to have a role in decreasing that ability to conceive. It’s not just the woman doing it that is going to cause a problem. Men having those substances before an IVF cycle are also going to cause a problem.

It’s really quite important to take that into consideration. This is the time to do everything that you possibly can that is going to help you achieve the result of a happy healthy baby. We understand that the lifestyle changes needed are not always easy to implement on your own. That is why we run the Fertility Challenge , to bring together people working towards the same goal. It’s is a great way to learn about and take action on the lifestyle changes needed to optimise your chances of getting pregnant.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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