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Eating Dairy During IVF Treatment

I have found many success stories of women who drink 1 litre of milk daily, eat yoghurt and dairy during IVF treatment should I change from the dairy & gluten free diet?

A: I do not recommend that idea of increasing your dairy intake. If you could possibly be intolerant or sensitive to dairy of any kind, drinking lots of milk can lead to inflammation. That’s not going to have any positive impact on your treatment, so definitely skip that. I also would not recommend eating lots of yoghurt, we recommend sheep or goat cheese only in very small amounts.

I would much prefer that you are taking a good probiotic, which is going to have a similar impact and taking good fish oil, which is going to also replace those good fats that you need for egg quality and of course the development of the embryo, so that’s my recommendation.

Avoid dairy as much as you can because basically it has an immune impact, so it can be inflammatory. The other thing is it can cause a lot of mucus formation, and mucus formation in the fallopian tubes or the epididymis is going to negatively impact the transition of those sex cells and the ability of them to meet to create the result and the outcome that you are looking for.

Sometimes the hormones found in dairy and growth factors as well can actually be a real problem when it comes to endometriosis. That’s where you also want to ensure that you are avoiding those types of foods as much as you can. Dairy-free is ideal; certainly, it’s something that I recommend.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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