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Estrogen High, Progesterone Low.

I got a call back from my doctor after getting blood work during peak +3. He said my estrogen is high and progesterone is low.

I’m now taking progesterone on my peak +3 day all the way up to peak +12. Is there another way to balance the two?

A:  I have also had low progesterone last month and been trying to follow diet / burn clary sage , thyme and sandalwood oils as they supposed to be amazing for hormone balancing.

Dr’s won’t prescribe anything to me, they have referred me to hospital… what I did realise is that cortisol can really lower your progesterone which was a learning curve for me. So decided to look for alternative employment and leave my stressful toxic job.

So the message there is reduce stress where possible! Also I’m following Gabrielas advice and trying to use softer cleaning / beauty products and avoiding plastic to eat /heat and drink out of as all of the above have estrogen mimicking properties I believe.

A: Oestrogen and progestrone is made mostly in adrenal glands and when the adrenals are dysfunctional it takes all the progestrone makes into cortisol. The dysfunctional organs are adrenals and liver here.


Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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