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Fertility Challenge Group’s Rules and Etiquette

The Private Fertility Challenge Group on Facebook is for the benefit of participants of the

The purpose of this community group is to foster support, friendship, and community for fellow participants based on fertility specialist’s Gabriela Rosa’s naturalfertilitybreakthrough.com education, advice, and support. The group is always ONLY about loving, supportive, and kind feedback to others. Any behaviour contrary to this will not be tolerated here, ever…

If you’re going to be rude, if you’re going to be unkind, if you’re going to be anything other than loving, this is not the place to be because this is a place for people who want to support and to help each other.

When you comment on please take the time to check that your intention is communicated from the perspective of actually wanting to help someone with what it is that they’re doing because the trouble with social media and other forms of adhoc written communication forms (like text) it sometimes meaning, or intent is not conveyed, or can be taken out of context.

Make sure that before you write something, remember this: everyone here in this group is a real person with a real heart and feelings. Everyone here is doing their very best. We’re all here for a reason: to support each other. If you choose to be part of this community, a community online where people actually care, where people actually give a damn about each other and about helping each other, then to the absolute very best of your ability, aim to show up in a way that is going to be loving and supportive.

This group is not about slogging people, things, what you’re learning, what you’re doing. If you don’t like it, leave. No one needs to be upset, or stressed, or unhappy about being here or about being given feedback. It’s perfectly okay if you’re not happy, if this is not your thing, totally cool too. You’re free to leave at anytime and we can continue our conversation by a different means of communication.


Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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