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Does fertility yoga actually help apart from being relaxing?

Does fertility yoga actually help apart from being relaxing?Womens-Health-and-Fertility_Healthy-Woman-Practice-Yoga

A: Absolutely fertility yoga does help. There was a study done by Dr. Alice Domar at Harvard, and what they found was that the combination of yoga and cognition, so cognitive behavior therapy and lifestyle and diet and all of these things, it definitely improved relaxation, resulting in stress relief. That’s one of the great things that you can do as far as fertility yoga is concerned.

Yoga does balance the endocrine system, which is essentially the hormonal balancing aspect of the body, and it is very self-healing. It also helps to cleanse and tonify organs. It helps with oxygenation, so bringing oxygen to the system, to the organs. It certainly increases the endorphin levels, which of course are the happy hormones, making us happy.

It improves nervous system functioning and thyroid functioning and most importantly balancing of the thyroid gland, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, depending on what’s going on. The practice will definitely also help to improve a nervous system that is over-functioning or that holds stress response.

One of the interesting things that were talked about in her study was the combination of relaxation, training, such as yoga, meditation, muscle relaxation, and imagery, alongside cognitive restructuring that holds cognitive behavioral therapy. Identifying and replacing negative thought patterns was one of the things that really helped and certainly was part of what needed to be done in order to reduce the stress levels .

Going from “I’ll never have a baby,” so that holds a thought pattern of being negative and feeling that it’s never going to happen, to “I’m going to do everything that I can” in order to get pregnant. Even that kind of thought of changing your perspective is proven to change the way that the body actually responds. It changes the energy within your system and certainly will help to improve the outcome as far as getting pregnant is concerned.

In this particular study, women were found to be almost three times more likely to get pregnant by doing and implementing a combination of these different factors including fertility yoga. Twenty percent of women in the control group got pregnant within a year and 55 percent of women in the program got pregnant within a year. So there’s a huge improvement in the pregnancy outcome that we basically can expect from fertility yoga in general as part of a healthy lifestyle and diet .

Look, I’m a really big fan of whatever is actually going to help to reduce stress and improve the overall outcome as far as fertility relaxation and just general fertility and health is concerned. Yoga is definitely going to be a part of that process. If you like yoga ‑ because this is the thing, if you hate yoga, and you’re lying there, thinking about every minute how much you hate that practice, it’s not going to be helpful for you. But if you actually enjoy and you get into it,  it’s going to be fantastic.

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