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Getting the Right Advice

Getting the right advice and completing your daily task is part of succeeding at the Fertility Challenge. I love when you guys send me pictures. I love your collages.

Even though I might not comment and sometimes I don’t have time to go through and comment on each post, just know that just the fact that you guys have engaged, that you guys have gone in there and done the task and are commenting and engaging, it makes me happy to know that you’re getting this information and getting good advice.

The more that you participate, the more that you’re going to get out this. The more that you engage with the community the better. When you answer someone else’s questions the more the community will learn. Please make sure that you’re answering questions correctly though because if you’re not we will delete that post and we will correct whatever it is that you’ve said.

It’s not because we want to be mean, it’s because I want to make sure – and this is my directive to all of my moderators – I want to make sure that everyone who is here can be safe in the knowledge that they’re getting the right advice.

If we see someone giving the wrong advice, we will have to correct you and sometimes if it’s not helpful, we will delete the comment. I hope you guys see and understand why we do that. Sometimes we might have to upset a couple of people because sometimes people get upset if we delete a post but we do it because it’s not helpful to the grand scheme of things, which is obviously everyone getting the benefit that they are coming here to get.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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