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Gluten Free Fertility Diet

Chicken-with-Olive-and-Fennel-Salad is a tasty part of any gluten free fertility dietMy husband is a fan of Mediterranean foods how can I possibly encourage him to go gluten and dairy free?

Vegetables with protein and lots of olive oil – such beautiful food is really what the Mediterranean diet is all about, there is no real difference between this and what I recommend.

I  encourage you to make sure that you go dairy-free and gluten-free for a reason. Because those things have been shown to increase your risk of allergies, of sensitivities, immune system overreactions, which can increase the risk of miscarriage, and impact the quality of the sperm.

In fact, there are so many studies that talk about the impact of processed foods and junk foods, and by processed foods, sorry that salami kind of fits into that category of processed foods, negatively impact sperm health.

However, we also need to be realistic. I love food myself so I also support 10 percent for the soul. Really that is going to be one of the most important things that you can remember. In 21 meals in a week, you can have two meals in a week that you have whatever you want.

The only thing that I’ll say is that you must still avoid alcohol and fried foods because fried foods are incredibly toxic for fertility and general health, so avoid that. Other than that, go, have pizza. Have gluten. Have dairy.

Mind you if you are celiac, don’t do those things. Don’t have gluten because that’s not going to be in your best interest at all and it would severely and negatively impact your chances of conception and it will definitely increase your risk of miscarriage.

However, if you don’t have specifically diagnosed gluten intolerance, it’s going to be okay for you to do that once or twice a week. Plus! you can still enjoy a little bit of cheese here and there and a little bit of bread here and there just keep it to two meals a week.

It’s important to base your meals on vegetables and protein, colourful, alive food that’s actually going to be health-boosting and health-promoting. You don’t want to be eating packaged, processed, disgusting rubbish because your fertility as a couple definitely depends on it.

Q: What do I think about bone broth?

A: It’s fantastic and definitely highly recommended. Yeah, I think that really covers the whole food thing. It’s really quite simple. Be as healthy as you can be. Have as varied a diet as you can possibly have. Batch cooking is fantastic, definitely something that I recommend. What I would recommend is that you perhaps batch cook twice a week then that way you’ll have at least two types of different meals to have during the week.

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