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Hashimotos When Trying to Conceive

Q: I’m looking for information/support/advice on Hashimotos when trying to conceive!

I’m a holistic health coach so my knowledge on the nutrition side in general is up to speed but given I’m GF(gluten free), SF (sugar free), RSF, and was totally DF (Dairy Free) for a number of years (now I have organic butter and small amount of cheese) and pretty much paleo, and the antibodies are still high.

I’m beginning to look much deeper into how to get those numbers down and my immune system to be able to accept a pregnancy. I already have a 5 year old daughter so my assumption is that the hashimotos was triggered post partum but the underlying issues have been there for a while, ever since I was diagnosed with PCOS as a 16 year old and put on Diane 35 for a good decade. I’m now 38, about to turn 39.

If anyone has some good thoughts to add on bringing thyroid antibodies down so I can look at adding those to my plan – perhaps aligned to estrogen dominance/progesterone deficiency – I’d really be grateful. All thyroid and endocrine blood tests here are normal but my salivary progesterone is low at 1.1 (day 21).

Also Gabriela Rosa, can I ask if you’ve worked with clients with high thyroid antibodies and had success?

#TeamRosa: Have you/are you seeing a health professional about this? Sounds like something that needs tailored treatment. I had raised antibodies which normalised on Gabriela’s programme but I emphasise my treatment was tailored to my situation taking into account other minor factors too.



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