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Healthy Diet Prior to IVF

Sally asks, “What is a healthy diet prior to IVF?”Fertility Food Revolution recipe Triple-Berry-Kale-Salad

Now healthy diet for fertility in general is one that is going to be as fresh and as unprocessed as possible. That’s going to really give you the best possible result when it comes to ensuring that you have the nutrients, the building blocks, and the foundation to optimum fertility.

Get the best quality food that you can, organic if possible and vegetables and proteins as much as you possibly can. You want to ensure that you are eating food that is going to nourish your body in every sense of the word.

And of course ensure that your portion sizes are actually commensurate to having good healthy weight balance because if you are overweight, it’s going to negatively impact your chances through IVF. If you’re eating the wrong food, it’s also going to impact your chances through IVF so here’s a quick overview of the food to avoid.

Eat Dairy Free

Avoid dairy as much as you can because basically it has an immune impact, so it can be inflammatory. The other thing is it can cause a lot of mucus formation, and mucus formation in the fallopian tubes or the epididymis is going to negatively impact the transition of those sex cells and the ability of them to meet to create the result and the outcome that you are looking for.

Sometimes the hormones found in dairy and growth factors as well can actually be a real problem when it comes to endometriosis. That’s where you also want to ensure that you are avoiding those types of foods as much as you can. Dairy-free is ideal; certainly, it’s something that I recommend.

Eat Gluten Free

Gluten-free is also ideal because again we’re looking at inflammation and we’re looking at immunological impact that it can have on the body overall. We also know that having gluten for couples who maybe even slightly sensitive to gluten will impact ovulation. It will impact quality of sperm. It will impact again also mucus formation can be an issue and immune activity will also be impacted.

Avoid Sugar, Alcohol & Coffee

Also you want to be avoiding sugar and excessive food that’s excessively inflammatory. You also want to ensure that alcohol is completely out of the diet and ideally that you are avoiding coffee as much as you possibly can.

No Transfats

Finally the only other thing that I say avoid like the plague is anything that is fried ‑ deep friend or even shallow fried foods particularly when they are cooked in vegetable oils that are heated. By vegetable oils, I mean your canola, olive, those kinds of oils, not so much coconut. Coconut is actually okay for couples on a fertility journey, but all of those other types of vegetable oils will be a problem and you do want to be avoiding them as much as possible.

That’s essentially what you need to really think about on a fertility diet. That’s really what’s going to be a fantastic preparation for conception naturally or through IVF.  To support your fertility diet choices pick up a copy of my book  Eat Your Way To Parenthood with specific guidelines that you need to know about how to eat to optimize your chances of fertility naturally as well as through IVF, and includes over 200 fertility friendly recipes to implement into your day-to-day.

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