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What is Healthy Eating for Fertility?

Thai Chicken Meatballs and optimum meal timingWith so many fads and trends telling us what and what not to eat, it is no wonder there is so much confusion about food. However, when we boil it down, healthy eating for fertility really is, very simple. Fresh, unprocessed & organic , biodynamic foods, are the best foods for fertility.

We all seem to have a pretty good concept of healthy eating. However, when it comes to the crunch (pun intended) we end up making not-so-healthy choices. We could blame the whole universe for this, but the reason it happens often lies within ourselves. To improve in any area, including how you eat, only you can commit to making the change in mindset required.

Within three days of consumption, everything we eat and drink is assimilated into our bodies and has become part of the cells within our system. Our food is the building blocks and cement that keep us together—alive and well. It is also what our bodies use when repairs and maintenance are required and when we need to build new cells. In the first instance, healthy sperm and eggs, which later become a brand-new healthy, happy baby!

More and more research shows that what we eat not only directly correlates to how fertile our bodies will be, but also dictates the health of our offspring and subsequent generations.

When considering healthy eating, it is very important to factor in how food allergies impact fertility and how they impact on you, your ability to conceive, your pregnancy and the health of your offspring.

Your immune system and fertility are closely related. In fact, more and more studies are discussing the concept of immunological infertility. One of the causes of immunological infertility is food allergies, which illustrates the profound effect of food on our ability to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Since more than 65% of our immune system ‘lives in the gut’ it is no wonder how much food impacts our health and fertility.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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