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Helping People Help Themselves

I have this belief that helping people help themselves is really where happiness lies.

I believe that helping others is really what gives me happiness and fulfillment. If I can help make at least one person’s journey that tiny little bit better, then the whole thing has been worth it, and that’s really what I’m here for, that’s really what I’m excited about and certainly what I’m passionate about.

When I started doing this almost 20 years ago now, this information was just like people looked at me like “Oh, my gosh! This woman has certainly lost her marbles.”

Now it’s kind of starting to be a little bit more like okay. Now even mainstream fertility journals understand that this is actually a way of the future –  that removing chemicals and radiation that negatively impact health make a huge difference.

And so the key is that this education and this understanding generates even more research and that’s really what we want. If we can have more research, we’ll have more tools, more knowledge, more understanding, and everyone will benefit. Please share the information because that’s how it becomes mainstream. Obviously, please acknowledge where you got it from, right?

I got this little thing on my wall and it says this, “The best compensation for doing things is the ability to do more.” I couldn’t agree more. It’s not about the money or possessions it’s so much more about growth and contributing and helping.

If you have been struggling to conceive and with decisions about your fertility then we encourage you to register for the next #FertilityChallenge, an education and activity series designed to help you make better, more informed choices.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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