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What do you think about Himalayan pink salt?

What do you think about Himalayan pink salt and sesame seeds?

A: Sesame seeds, yeah, go for it.

I’ve read an article recently about Himalayan pink salt and the fact that it’s going to be excavated out of the Himalayan mountains is not great because getting salt from the sea, which is salty and quite abundant seems much more sustainable.

It seems drying salt water would be the better way, for the environment, for salt to be sourced. I have no doubt about the exceptional quality of Himalayan salt but personally, I don’t particularly like or choose to buy it as a result of how and where it is sourced from.  Your call really, check it out for yourself.

Sea salt, I think that would be a better option. You don’t want to be having refined table salt. You want to be having something that is as natural as possible, from as clean a place as possible. It’s hard with anything that comes out of the sea, but it’s pretty safe because they clean it. So, it should be pretty safe.

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