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How does sickness affect your fertility?

Womens-Health-and-Fertility_Sick-Woman-with-Flu-and-Hay-FeverHow does sickness affect your fertility?

A: It depends on what it is. If you’re talking about a mere cold or not feeling well for a couple of days, it’s not going to be a major thing. But if you’ve got fever, this is particularly problematic for men, because with high fevers sperm will die off and there are issues around that.

If you’re just talking about a sinus infection, it depends on how severe it is. If you’ve had to have antibiotics, they can definitely impact your entire body and fertility because what it does is it kills off some of the gut bacteria that are very important for helping with hormonal balancing. So if you need antibiotics make certain that you have a good dose of probiotics to maintain a good balance of healthy gut bacteria.

Before my husband and I finally conceived our first son, he was really sick with pneumonia. We had to do quite a lot of work to get his vitality back in order and get his health back in order. So, it depends on the severity, how long you’ve had it for, how many courses of antibiotics you’ve had to have. It depends on your previous history.

It’s a hard question to answer because I need to have a whole lot more information in order to be able to make an assessment, but in general terms, it’s not ideal to try to conceive on a cycle that you’ve been really unwell and you want to avoid antibiotics when you’re trying to conceive.


Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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