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How to get period back at age 49?

What to do to get my body temperature to 36.6 Celsius and how to get period back at age 49?

Whenever you’re taking your basal temperatures, you always want to do it in your mouth. You take it in the mouth under the tongue, close your mouth, wait until the thermometer beeps. In the first half of the cycle, before ovulation – the follicular phase –  temperatures should be around about 36.3 degrees Celsius. In the second half of the cycle – the luteal phase –  we wanted to be above 36.5 degrees. That tells us that the cycle is working as effectively as possible.

If the temperatures aren’t quite at those levels, we know that the thyroid isn’t working as effectively; therefore, there could be a thyroid issue that is impacting fertility. That’s definitely something that you want to address with your doctor. Generally doing a TSH, thyroid stimulating hormone test, is supposed to be very useful for helping to understand where your thyroid is at, what’s going on, and what needs to be addressed.

What we’re looking for is high enough temperatures that the cells can reproduce in because the problem with having a lower basal body temperature and thyroid function is that cells cannot reproduce at a low temperature. You may even conceive, but you may not be able to carry your pregnancy to term if your temperatures are lower than what they should be.

For those of you who have heard me speak about minor factors before, it’s the little things that generally get in the way of us getting the results that you are looking for. In my professional experience. it’s not so much about one big thing that stops you conceiving, depending of course on the big thing that we’re talking about.

Age can sometimes be one of those big things, and I hate the ages. I really don’t like this conversation because I don’t like saying that women are old or past their time. Unfortunately at a certain age we do have to come to that conversation.

At 49 or 50, I want you to know that there is definitely a way of you getting pregnant and unfortunately often not with your own eggs. It does require IVF, but it is definitely a possibility. I can not give you any false hope that you would be able to reverse menopause, get periods back and reverse the clock in that sense because often it’s actually not possible with your own eggs.

It is a difficult situation. That said, I have had patients at 51 conceive naturally with their own eggs, but they are few and far between. In 14 years of clinical practice, I have seen one case personally where a woman above 50 has conceived naturally with her own eggs. Mind you in this particular lady’s case, she wasn’t even a fertility patient. She was a naturopathic patient, who was complaining about her fibroids and turned out to be 7 months pregnant!

We don’t know who is going to be able to do that and who isn’t at the end of the day. You can have all the best blood results on paper and it’s still a bit of a lottery when it comes to conception after 45. Forty-five is already getting a little bit late, but it is very possible.

I’ve had many patients at around 44, 45, 46 that have conceived naturally with their own eggs. I also had some that conceived with their own eggs through IVF. Then I’ve had others who have had to use donor eggs. I’ve got one patient right now that is 46 who has had twins recently and conceived using donor egg.

Really it depends on what your beliefs are. It depends on what it is that you want for your life. It depends on what you’re willing to actually do in order to get to that result. What I can say is that generally speaking at 49 or 50 is the kind of place where – I had taken on patients who wanted to give it their one last absolute last shot of knowing that either they could or they couldn’t do this naturally.

We went through the whole preconception preparation to ensure that we’ve got their health in the best possible place. They just wanted to do it for the purpose of (1) getting themselves healthier, (2) making sure that they absolutely close that chapter of their life because they didn’t want to go down the donor egg path and they really just wanted to make sure that they did everything they could and if it happened, it happened, and if it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen.

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