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How to Get Pregnant Over 40 : Be Prepared to Make Changes

“Can you tell me how to get pregnant over 40 ?” in all it various form this is the most commonly asked questions I hear.

These days we see a growing number of couples at a much younger age – I’m talking 20 and early thirties – struggling to conceive. And there is a reason for that, which is intrinsically linked to the way we live our lives. Now more than ever we live in an environment in which normal pollution levels are so naturally high that we can no longer even avoid many of the toxins that are damaging to healthy natural fertility.

That said, there is plenty that we can do every day to minimize our exposure to toxins in our day to day lives, which is several topics in and of itself.

So today, in regards to pregnancy over 40 basically, we need to make sure that we aware about the impact of toxins in our daily lives because being aware and taking action to minimize exposure is going to make a huge difference when trying to conceive.

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A key piece of advice for couples struggling to conceive at any age is about acting now to get pregnant later. Do today, right now, everything that you would do if you were pregnant right now.

If you would stop smoking once pregnant, stop smoking today. If you would stop drinking alcohol, there’s another change that you need to implement. Anything that you would stop doing if you were pregnant right now again is exactly what you would want to stop doing to get the best possible results

I’m sure most of you can think of at least one or two things that you would do differently, things you would stop, lifestyle changes you would begin. Whatever that is for you, this then is your starting point for your 120-day preconception preparation.

As a broad stroke, acting pregnant now to get pregnant later, would be my number 1 recommendation. Give your body the time that it needs in order to get the best possible results and don’t feel that because you’re 40, because you’re 42, 43, 44, or 45, that you don’t have that time.

Let me tell you right now, what you don’t have is the time to procrastinate around these changes that you’re already aware you need to make, because even if you get pregnant you risk having a child that is not quite as healthy as they could be or suffering a miscarriage as a result of not acting upon the things that you know are actually getting in the way.

Too many couples think that they don’t have time for the recommended 120 day preconception preparation, but I urge you to see it from a different perspective, as active preparation for having the best possible result. Really you don’t have time not to do that.

That’s the key thing that I want you to leave you with today is the understanding that your efforts need be strategic, directed and within a proven methodology. Change can be very challenging but results are worth it, so really focus on that.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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