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“How would a couple work with male infertility?”

Mens-Health-and-Fertility_Male-Health-Consultation-with-Bad-Result“How would a couple work with male infertility?”

The first thing that needs to be said about male infertility is that it’s 50% of the equation and of course, it might seem  very obvious, but the egg is about 200 times bigger than the sperm and the sperm holds just as much genetic material within it. So the sperm is also very, very sensitive to damage of many kinds, from dietary to lifestyle to environmental factors.

They all can have a real impact on optimum male fertility. So if you are a couple dealing with male infertility there are, I’m going to be sharing with you a couple of my top five tips that you need to know about optimum male fertility and certainly sperm health.

The first one is the essential need for that 120 days of preconception preparation. Finding out why you have a male fertility problem is vital too because certain male fertility issues for example are genetic microdeletions in sperm that obviously can cause an issue in regards to fertility. It’s going to be something that is going to impact not just your ability to conceive and having a healthy baby, but also your child’s ability to actually create children without the need of IVF, if things are not addressed in the best possible way. So that preconception preparation becomes so vital on so many levels and there are many things that you can often do to optimise your chances of creating the healthiest possible child.

So then we’ve got, the next tip is actually about losing weight. Losing weight and being at optimum weight when we’re talking about male health and male fertility is absolutely vital. And the reason for that is that it has been shown as scientific evidence that weight gain, particularly around the middle for men really does increase the sperm density problems that can essentially cause the sperm’s inability to penetrate the egg.

There are certainly things that you will want to make sure that you are doing as far as your lifestyle is concerned because too much sugar, too much alcohol, all of the things that generally cause us to be overweight, too much fat and certainly the wrong types of fats, all of those things are going to contribute to weight gain and therefore are going to contribute also to the poor quality of sperm because we don’t have that balance that’s required to get the best possible result as far as having the nutritional foundation for sperm formation to basically happen in the best possible way that it can.

Another tip is basically for men to avoid anything that produces heat close to the testicles. Sitting for long periods of time, cycling, sitting on engines, for farmers out there it’s a real problem, for bus drivers it can be a real problem. If you’re sitting for very long periods of time, there is definitely going to be a problem in regards to fertility.

And then of course, taking the right nutrients. The right nutrients when it comes to male fertility issues and the right herbs, is absolutely vital. I’ve seen people have serious sperm problems be completely reversed by taking the right amounts of antioxidants, fish oils, Coenzyme Q10, zinc, selenium and all of the nutrients and all of the good foods as well that are necessary to be the best building blocks for optimum fertility.

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