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Human Growth Hormone for Fertility Patients

Human growth hormone is definitely something that can be and that we do use for some of our patients. As always it really depends on the case.

It’s not just because you have poor response or because you are over 40 that you should be on the DHEA, because with that kind of generalisation you could have your hair fall out or have all of your other hormones become completely imbalanced as a result.

It must be a very considered step in each particular situation. For some couples, yes it works and it works brilliantly. For others, not so much, and so it’s about figuring out what you’ve tried, how, what drugs are used and how to optimize that whole process and what needs to be done.

That’s very much what we do for our patients. We blend the best of both worlds. We do recommend certain protocols if a couple needs IVF and how those needs to happen, again though it really depends on all the work that we’ve done up until that point.

I’m completely agnostic as to how patients get pregnant and have babies. It’s about helping you create your outcome. It’s not about doing it naturally or doing it through IVF. It’s about what’s going to work, what is it that you need in order to create your result, that’s what we then put in place.

It’s a step-by-step process. We rule out things that aren’t working so that we can figure out what will work. Sometimes we have to be flexible about how to go about creating a baby.

Couples sometimes start the program with one idea and that changes as a result of us really systemically stepping them through the FERTILE methodology. That’s why in some cases, like with a patient of mine who I’ve been treating for 3 years, we literally exhausted every possibility.

Obviously, most of our couples conceive well before this point is reached, but sometimes it simply does take time in order to “get it right”. Having thoroughly investigated all avenues and then found the right combination, this lady is pregnant! She has never ever had a positive pregnancy test and she was trying to conceive for I think it was 3 years before coming to see us.

Albeit striving for the same goal, every case will be different, and to achieve results we need to address every patients specific, individual (sometimes shared) issues, depending on the couple. For more information on our  F.E.R.T.I.L.E method ™  we recommend taking part in our regular Fertility Challenge


Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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