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I have a 28-day cycle. When do I ovulate and when should I have sex?

I have a 28-day cycle. When do I ovulate and when should I have sex?

A: One of the things that I recommend about this is that you make sure that you are charting your cycle. Basal body temperatures are really by far better than any ovulation test kit, better than any other method – other than blood and ultrasound – that you can use at home.

Obviously, blood and ultrasound are going to be incredibly accurate. However, at home the best method is definitely going to be basal body temperature, temperature charts with mucus changes checks.

Google Billings method, you will see exactly what you are looking for and how to actually do it.

Now as far as if you have a 28-day cycle, it’s possible, not always but it’s possible that you ovulate around day 14 if the second half of your cycle your luteal phase is 14 days. If your luteal phase is shorter than 12 days, no matter how long your cycle is, your cycle will be an infertile cycle.

What happens is if the luteal phase is shorter than 12 days, there is not enough progesterone build-up in the lining of the endometrium to keep that endometrium nice and supple, and of course enable implantation to occur. It’s really important that if your luteal phase is less than 12 days that you get that looked over as we treat this often with our patients.

It’s difficult for me to be able to say when to have sex exactly because we would only know by charting your temperatures. However, what I would say is that you would be pretty safe with a 28-day cycle to start timing intercourse from day 8 every second day until day 17.

I know that’s a very long window. However, that will ensure that you don’t miss ovulation for sure. You would then have intercourse on day 8, day 10, day 12, day 14, day 16, and you could go again on day 18 or you could just stop on day 16. I probably would go one more on day 18.

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