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I have learned something of value that I can apply to my life

What I would like you to do rather than posting a picture or seeking recommendations like “is this range of product/skincare/cosmetic okay?”  Here’s the thing: the reason that we don’t recommend specific brands is because you need  to start researching such information for yourself.

I want you to learn and I want you to learn to discern. I want you to learn critical thinking. I want you to learn how to apply the information that you learn in the Fertility Challenge to every other thing in your life, to every other purchase decision that you make, and that really is the number one reason because I don’t want you to blindly follow what I’m saying, “Yes! I’ll just buy this thing because Gabriela said it’ s the good thing!”

No! I want you to read labels. I want you to go through and really make an informed decision about what it is that you need to do for yourself, and of course to make for yourself the best decision for your health and your fertility.

That’s why we don’t give you, “Go buy this. Go buy that.” I could. I could probably make a living via affiliate sales on things like this, except that’s not my interest.

My interest is educating and supporting you guys to learn, so that you can honestly say “I have learned something of value that I can apply to my life.”  That is the purpose of the Fertility Challenge.

Now I get slogged on social media all the time by people who have absolutely no idea what we do and how we work, that the process is free instantly make it deceptive in some peoples eyes, like surely there must be a catch. Here’s the catch then, this is an education series, it’s free because I want add value to your journey to becoming a parent, the catch is that you are responsible for your own learning.

Some of you may decide at the end of this thing that you want our help and that you want to join our program, and while that’s also a positive outcome, it’s not my purpose. My purpose is to educate, build a supportive community where we feel able to share because in my experience education and support  can transform people’s lives for the better.

I’m not just going to give you chewed up information and go, “Yeah. Just go and buy this range or buy this thing.

Essentially, it’s really important that every time you buy, even I every single time I buy something, I look at the ingredients again because companies have this really kind of nasty little habit of changing their formulations and not writing to you to notify you that they’ve changed their formulation..

They don’t have the time or the inclination and sometimes they change ingredients because it makes the formulation a cheaper product to make and manufacture and people are still buying because they’re buying under false pretenses. They’re buying on what they bought last year or last time and that’s not what I want you to do.

I literally want you to do what I do, which is essentially every time I buy something, I am aware. I look at the formulation. I look at the ingredients and I go, “Okay. Is this still a good product for me to use?”

Then I make my purchase decision and I go and spend my money on things that I know are going to be of benefit to me. That’s the key and if there is nothing else that you gain out of this 7 Day Fertility Challenge, I hope you will at least be more aware and more proactive about the choice you make.

What I want you to do from now on is I want you to go and I want you to find a product and I want you to go into their website, look for the specific ingredients for that one product. I want you to do your research, do your research on the Environmental Working Group’s website  ewg.org/skindeep. They have a fantastic database of chemicals and ingredients and figure out  for yourself whether they’re good for you or not.

So in regards to the EWG database I want you to pick  and choose things that are literally a 0 or a 1. If it’s getting to a 2, it’s okay, but getting to the upper level. Zero and 1 is where I want you to find products that have ingredients that have no more than 0 or 1 rating for every ingredient. If you’ve got a product that scores overall a 2 or a 1 yet it has an ingredient in there that is an 8 on the scale, look for something else.

Look for things that are as natural as possible, keep things as basic as possible. The less products that you buy, the less things that you bring into your home, the better.

Distilled vinegar, bicarb soda, two things that you can do so much with – from cleaning your house to yor hair and teeth.  Try and minimize. Not only it will save you money, it will save you exposure to any number of chemicals that can harm your health and fertility. Be as frugal and as basic as you can possibly be in regards to things that you buy and things that you bring into your home.


Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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