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“I’m thinking of riding a bike to work…”

“I’m thinking of riding a bike to work. My wife is worried about loss of sperm quality.” The thing about this is that it is a concern. I would certainly not recommend riding a bicycle to work.

Physically speaking avoiding excessive heat and pressure on the testicles is absolutely going to be vital. That’s where we’ll talk about things like cycling.

Even motorbikes are not great for fertility, but this advice also includes things like heated car seats, sitting for too long, crossing your legs. Baths and spas anything that’s going to heat. Your wife has good reason for concern.

In addition to the direct physical impact it’s more than likely the bike tracks that would take you to work are probably near a main road,  meaning pollution also is going to negatively impact your fertility.

If you’re trying to get fit in the preconception period, the best thing maybe go to a gym. What some of my patients actually do is they hire gym equipment and have it at home, so that they don’t have to travel anywhere.

Another alternative would be to join a gym that is close to home or work, so that you can go at lunchtime or you can go before or after work.

Gyms are one of the good ways of making sure you are getting your exercise and that you are losing weight for your fertility health. Particularly holding weight around the middle, is going to be a problem for fertility.

There are studies that show that sperm density decreases the higher the BMI. The higher the weight and the more fat is being held around the middle, the less quality the sperm actually is going to be.

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