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I’m trying to reverse symptoms of PCOS

I’m trying to reverse symptoms of PCOS. My periods are almost regular since September last year, and I am ovulating. I’m still finding it hard to conceive. Any suggestions?

Another thing is that we’ve been doing yoga and some breathing exercises. Can I do this when I’m having my periods?

A: Yes, you can do those things absolutely when you have your periods. Not at all an issue. You certainly can do lots of things with PCOS. I know it personally as well as through the experience of so many of my patients, and what I will say to you right now is this: everything that I talked about in the #FertilityChallenge is crucial.

Doing all of the things that you can is going to make a huge difference. Implement every single one of the daily challenges. It will change and dramatically improve so many factors that may be at play.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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