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Most important thing to increase fertility in my mid 40s?

“What is the single most important thing to do to increase fertility in my mid 40s? I find it overwhelming and stressful to try and do everything perfectly in terms of diet, supplementation, lifestyle, stress reductions…so I’d like to understand what is the most important thing.”

Very good question. Here’s the thing though, the reality is that it’s not one thing. It is a combination of things.

The reason that people actually get the results that they’re looking for is generally a combination of factors. It’s not just to do with one factor. Unless you really understand, really know what the major and mionor issues are in your individual situation, until you can pinpoint what may be causing a problem, then its impossible to say what is most important for you.

I can’t guide you without knowing exactly what’s happening for you. If I was to say to you that “Oh, you’re okay to not have as many supplements or you’re okay to do this or do that,” I would be offering advise without really knowing what’s really affecting you, what your current picture is, what is really going on for you.

The reality is that without information, all I can say is to do the very best that you can do. Without stressing yourself out about the things that you can’t do, or that you didn’t manage to do. From there, we basically just say, “You know what, you’ve done the very best that you can and that’s essentially how it is.”

I don’t want you to be stressed out about doing these things, but I also can’t answer for you what are the most important things in your particular case without knowing where you’re at. So my recommendation is basically to apply for a complimentary fertility discovery session, I can do an assessment for you and see where you’re at. If I feel that I can help you then I can and will assist you. If I feel that I can’t really help you, then I will let you know what’s the best way to move forward.

Are you exhausted, frustrated and downright despairing with overwhelm about all the conflicting advice out there and are finally ready to feel empowered to take control of your fertility and results once and for all?

Over the last 15 years, fertility specialist Gabriela Rosa and team have helped thousands of couples overcome infertility and miscarriage to create healthy babies, even when other treatments have failed.

If you have been trying to conceive for over 2 years and/or; have experience miscarriage(s) and/or; have 3 or more “minor factors or abnormalities” you believe could be contributing to your fertility challenges then you may be eligible for a Complimentary Fertility Discovery Session (worth $799) with our natural fertility experts. We only take on patients we absolutely believe we can help – if you feel you’d benefit from our expert insights into your particular fertility situation please apply today. Availability is strictly limited.


Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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