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Infertility is a Couple Issue | Teamwork

When I have asked my partner to take medical tests, he says that I make him feel that he has the health problem?

A: You know what, people – men and women – can sometimes do that. The thing that you both need to understand and maybe get him to listen to this right now: infertility is a couple issue.

It is never ever, and I can tell you this from 20 years of experience, it is never going to be a one-person issue. It’s always going to be a couple issue.

With any other partner, either of you may have already conceived right now. Obviously, you love each other and you want to be together, which means that we need to address what’s getting in the way of you together creating the healthy baby of your dreams.

It’s a couple situation that needs to be addressed by couples. It’s not a one-sided event or situation. Just be really aware of that and I think that kind of helps a lot when you understand and look at it from that perspective.
It’s not just a woman’s thing, that’s like so 1920s. Reality is that both of you need to put in the effort.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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