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Is Intermittent Fasting OK?

Intermittent Fasting for FertilityNow intermittent fasting for those of you who don’t know, Michael Mosley wrote a very popular book called The Fasting Diet, which has been popularized as the 5-2 diet. Now he’s got a new book out called The Blood Sugar Diet.

Long story short, I’ll save you having to read the book. What the fasting diet is all about, it’s 5 days of eating normally, so healthily but normally and 2 days in a week where you’re eating under 500 calories for 2 days in a week.

He was a medical journalist, I believe, and he was basically been told that he was going to have to go on cholesterol medication if he didn’t lose weight and improve his health and all of that kind of stuff. He decided to try this approach of intermittent fasting on himself and see what kind of result he got.

Well he lost a heap of weight. His cholesterol levels went to normal and he never had to have any medications, and he looked better as well according to himself. That was when he decided to actually write the book, the 5-2 diet.

There is actually a lot of scientific evidence around intermittent fasting and the benefits that it does in regards to regular blood sugar levels, in regards to regulating metabolic hormones like leptin and ghrelin and all of your other metabolic hormones, as well as of course the impact that it has on blood sugar regulation, insulin, glucose balance, weight loss.

It’s a fantastic way for quick weight loss in a way that’s sustainable.

People who are very much into 5-2 diet, they talk about it as a way of life because it’s not a diet as such. You can maintain it for however long you want, really. It’s also good for maintenance.

He then popularized the second approach that he put together, which is the blood sugar diet is 800 calories every day of the week, and just doing that for 8-week periods. It’s fantastic. It works.

If you have a lot of weight to lose – anything from 10 kilos – you will need to lose weight to optimize your fertility. The scientific evidence is very clear about the impact on hormones and fertility on weight loss.

When your doctor very rudely and lacking total tact and sense says to you, “Go away! It’s your weight. Come back when you’ve lost 50 or 100 or 200 kilos.” They’re not saying that because they are being facetious or rude or want to see you suffer.

Thousands of people have been studied in regards to weight and long term obesity. Every single time, the results come back the same. Excessive weight will negatively impact your chances of not only implantation and egg quality, but also your ability to conceive, keep a healthy pregnancy to term and have a healthy baby.

Can You Do Intermittent Fasting While Trying To Conceive

There are many risks to being obese, morbidly obese and fertility. In the clinic I’ve created a program within Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program for The Leaner More Fertile You Program for that very purpose because so many people do need to lose weight. It’s a wonderful process that I take couples through on a mental, emotional, biochemical, and even spiritual look at how they can really help themselves in regards to weight.


What has been shown in the scientific literature is that 10 percent of weight loss or weight reduction almost doubles the chances of conception of occurring and keeping a healthy pregnancy to term. I’ve seen it with patients in my clinic. I’ve seen it with people who have been infertile for what seemed like forever.

If you are wanting to do intermittent fasting, you absolutely can do that. The only thing that you need to make sure of is that you’re not doing it when trying to conceive so that intermittent fasting has to be happening around say the 120 days of preconception preparation. When you start trying to conceive, you could potentially still do it in the first half of the cycle but not in the second half.


In fact, the longest longstanding case of infertility that I’ve treated was a wonderful woman who, prefers to be anonymous; she was around 130 kilos when we first met. She had failed multiple IVF attempts and lots of different fertility challenges over a 19-year period.

Part of what we did with her was actually get her to lose 10 percent of her body weight as well as everything else that we do for our patients in the Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program and she actually conceived after 5 months of treatment . She now has a 2-year-old beautiful little girl and is back for her second.



Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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