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Is it safe and okay to drink herbal tea?

Q: I have a couple of questions. I drink tea mix of lemon verbena, lemon balm, and lemongrass. Is it safe and okay to drink herbal tea?

I have also heard that is not great to use boiled water. I drink tea as I don’t like plain water. Do you know anything about this theory?

A: Yes, the herbal teas that you’re having will be fine, provided they also meet the following three criteria.

1. Be sure that you get organic tea wherever possible. If it’s not organic, it’s going to concentrate any pesticides or anything that’s in the tea that you shouldn’t be drinking.

2. Ideally use loose leaf if you can, you want to make sure that the tea bags are actually paper because unfortunately, a lot of tea bags nowadays are nylon. Yes, you are literally drinking and consuming plastic.  Not ideal.

3. Make sure that your water that you make tea with is filtered, even if it’s boiled, because if your water is not filtered it generally is not great for your health and  fertility. As long as you do that, that will be fine.

– Answers via the #FertilityChallenge Facebook LIVE FAQ

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