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Is this program real?

Today I answered a question in this group about whether this program is real…. and then I got this from one of my patients….

A: I don’t know how they can ask if this program is real. All your information just makes sense. 😉

A: Exactly what I was thinking!

A: Wow what beautiful words. Xx

A: She is rather poetic my wonderful princess Holly 🙂 xxg

A: So awesome!! This is VERY real! I have been ttc for 16+ years. Before my first challenge in July my cycle was not normal since November of last year. 24-26 days. My main factor was I don’t ovulate + many minor factors. After the challenge in July my second cycle was back to 28 days. I am currently on cycle 4 and had to test for ovulation with NO medications. I started testing on day 8 and on day 14 I had blood work done and got the call I was ovulating. I am still shocked, stunned, and can’t believe it. Since then I have been racking my brain trying to figure out which part of this has made all the difference. I was by no means perfect but have made many changes and I figure it all works together, makes perfect sense. Give it your all people!!! Just do your best. My hopes keep getting higher and without a doubt in my mind it wouldn’t have happened without this challenge. Gabriela Rosa, #TEAMROSA you all rock!! Thanks a million!! Never give up!





Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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