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IVF Cycles with Abnormal Embryos at 47

I am 47 years old. I have had 10 IVF cycles with abnormal embryos. I am looking for the top clinic that does natural IVF in the world. What can I do?

A: At any age over 45, you need to make sure that you do every possible thing that you can to optimize egg quality. As far as producing normal embryos at 45 onwards, particularly if your partner is the same age or older, it can be a little bit tricky.

For some of our couples in this kind of situation, not all of them conceive with their own eggs. So if you are really keen to have a baby, considering perhaps donor egg or donor embryo can be a really good thing.

Generally speaking, what we know in the field of science is that at 45, you’re going to have the same success rate going through IVF than actually trying to conceive naturally. You’re going to have a very similar statistical success rate by having just normal intercourse or going down the IVF path.

You may as well try to really understand your cycle, first of all. You need to be charting. Basal temperature is a really good way of actually understanding when you’re ovulating. Obviously cycles can be a little bit erratic once you’ve reached the 45 mark. But it is certainly possible with herbal medicines to help to optimize and balance that as best as you can.

Then, of course, to do what you need to do naturally in order to have a baby is probably going to be the very best option for you at this point unless of course you decide that you would like to consider doing donor egg or donor embryo and then that’s obviously a different conversation altogether.

To gauge whether it is something that couples consider for the future, I ask them this question  – which helps to clarify their position on the topic –  “If you were to fast forward 20 years from now, and as a couple you’ve managed to overcome infertility – so you have a child or maybe even two or three – what does it mean for you to be a parent?

What do you enjoy about it?

What would it all mean for you?

What would actually be on your radar at that particular point in regards to having that human being bless your life?

Would it be really relevant whether they were born from a donor egg or a donor embryo type of situation?

Would you just feel the same way in regards to what being a parent means to you?

I think these are really good questions to consider and to really talk about with your partner. Because sometimes understanding that helps you to realize and understand that well actually it’s not really a problem to go down the donor egg or the donor embryo path because it will get your outcome, which is obviously becoming a parent, of loving a child, and helping a child to grow, develop, and learn whether they are your own biological child or your child born through the assistance of very kind strangers. If you would like to have your situation assess by one of our team of fertility experts, click here to apply.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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