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IVF & High Progesterone

I have an egg collection on Monday and am borderline with high progesterone they will possibly want to do a freeze all. Is there anything I can do to lower or stop my progesterone rising in the next few days?

A: The only thing to do is wait a cycle – if your progesterone is too high, it’s unlikely a transfer will work. That is the one-time waiting can pay off.

Q: This has happened to me once before and there is not a lot out there to read about it. So I’m not really sure what levels should be or why mine is high.

A: Not in mainstream publications; however the scientific evidence is pretty clear… Essentially if  your doctor recommends you to wait for the endometrium to calm down, take his/her advice – you will be more likely to have a healthy pregnancy that way.

Of course, there may still be other minor factors to take into consideration. However, if we are strictly talking about IVF, then this is “the go.”

#TeamRosa: I was supposed to have egg collection on Monday also but they’ve pushed it back to Wednesday to try and let my follicles develop a little more.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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