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“We have made so many changes”

I’m committed to doing this, too. We have made so many changes during the Fertility Challenge. I feel so much better. Can you talk about the cost? It’s a large financial commitment, not having a tonne of extra funds, is there anything else we can do?

In regards to cost, I expect that you’re referring to the $6,000 cost of the Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program, simply the best money you’ll ever spend in my opinion. The reason for that is this: we specialize as a clinic in coming up with unique, individual, complete and remarkable solutions for our patient’s issues and we get results.

When you talk about AU$6,000 being a lot of money, I immediately think about one cycle of IVF and what that costs. In some countries, it costs as much as $20,000 for one cycle. That is one cycle where in that one month, you’ve spent $20,000, you’re not any healthier, and you’re essentially not any better off because in many cases, one IVF cycle, if you haven’t done the work that is required in order to make this happen to begin with is going to fail, so that’s potentially $20,000 in the bin.

Whereas this, you are spending $6,000 for 4 months of treatment, which is the initial stage of our program. You’ve got $6,000, four months of treatment for two people with three different practitioners who are taking care of your case and supporting you through the entire process in order to ensure that you get your result.

I think about it in terms of value. I think about it in terms of what you’re going to get for that money because you can spend $6,000 on doing this program and your life can completely change. It can be completely revolutionized.

Jump online, read about or watch and listen to those couples who have gone through this process. Our client testimonials are the best evidence we have that the Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program not only works, it changes people’s lives for the better.

We have a very strong track record to maintain and pride ourselves on our results. As such before we agree to work with a couple we must first ascertain whether we can actually be of assistance your particular situation. The fertility discovery is a free and comprehensive questionnaire that provides us a minimum amount of health information needed to discuss your individual requirements and to determine if we can help you achieve your family dream.

Our program is certainly not going to be for every couple. It is not a cheap program. However what we provide, the results we deliver come with a money back guarantee if that is reassuring to your because in many cases I find that people talk about money without considering about value.

Our team, from clinicians, to admin, to the person that got the words on this page for you to read, we work here because we believe in this. We are naturally and strongly bias in favour of the work we do for one very simple reason, we know it works, it makes a difference to people’s lives. Ultimate results aside, it increases happiness and peace of mind. I do not know what value you would place on these things. How does one account for happiness in monetary terms?

The reality is that we charge as much as we do to create the kind of result that we do. It will take time so the dollar terms are commensurate for our time, albeit I trust that what we deliver during that time, for every one of our clients, far exceeds the dollar value paid.

I’m not here to justify what we charge because I absolutely believe that it’s a fair exchange for what we do. You’re not paying for one consult or for one practitioner to have a look at you and to take care of you throughout the process, share this journey with us and you’ll have three experts on your case at any given time, that’s just one of many points that makes how and what we do, different.

So you can think of it in terms of an expense or you can think of the value of bettering your life.

Prioritise | Focus on Doing What it Takes | Commit

Decide first upon your priorities. If having a baby is your number one priority then how you allocate your funds in order to make this happen is completely up to you. It’s a decision that only you can make.

I have people that come to me on a regular basis that have spent thousands of dollars on IVF. The money, it’s only one aspect. So many people come to us because they’ve seen a whole bunch of different people and nobody has delivered results and so their journey grows ever more expensive. Without a doubt, you can spend your money on other things and still not get your result.

If having a baby is something that you truly believe you want to do, then invest. Not just money though, your time, heart and soul. That’s the best that I can say to you, from a place of total care and compassion because I believe that money is an exchange of energy, so if you need to figure out a way of making more money in order to do what it takes then focus and commit to doing exactly that.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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