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Make Your Own Coconut Butter

Take control of your fertilityFor anyone interested in making your own coconut butter (also known as coconut paste) for the whole lemon drink, this is what you do.

You need a food processor and around 500g of organic desiccated coconut. Blend for as long as it takes to liquefy. You will need to stop and scrape down the sides a few times.

If you use a Thermomix start on about speed 7 then turn it down to 4-5 and if you put it on 37 degrees it will speed the process up.

Store in a glass jar and use as needed. You can also add to smoothies and it’s delicious on top of a curry! Eating a teaspoon will also help with the desire to eat something sweet.

Coconut oil will fully melt around 26 degrees C and be hard under 18 degrees. The butter/paste will stay harder at higher room temps. If this makes it hard to scoop out then let it firm up in an ice cube tray and keep ice cube sized portions on hand to use as needed.

If you can’t buy or make it, simply use straight coconut oil.

Q:A question about the lemon for the drink… I have absolutely no access to organic lemons where I live.. If I use a normal lemon, should I remove the peel to lower the risk of chemicals?
A: Alternatively scrub the peel thoroughly
A: Use the whole lemon… Hence the name of the drink

Q: Does desiccated coconut means dry or fresh coconut?
A: Dessicated means dry

Q: I made from fresh. Can I store it the same like dry?
A: No it’s not the same. Fresh has water in it so it will need refrigeration and will only last a day or two.

Q: I am taking out water,open and with knife making small peaces,then blend and make paste.Can i use it for 2 days?
A: Yes but you do understand this is different to my recipe?

Q: Can we use desiccated coconut directly while making drink?
A: It won’t be the same as the oil part needs to be liberated to help emulsify the drink.

Q: Can  I mix coconut oil in lemon juice ?
A: You can but that does not relate to this recipe. This is for adding to the whole lemon drink .

Q: Mine turned out really thick, buttery. In the pic posted it looks more like coconut milk. Ideas? Should it be more liquid? Also, how long does it last in the fridge?

A: Yep buttery is what you want that’s why it’s called coconut butter. It is just desiccated coconut in another form so it will last a while. Keeping it in the fridge will make it very hard to scoop so you might like to consider scooping into the portion sizes you want, then putting in the fridge to harden, then once hard put into a container to use as needed.

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